“My approach to Choreographing Live Shows is different from anything shot with a camera. My goal is to create choreography and stage it so that it looks great from the front run row but also reads from the last row of the balcony. The movements and formations are bigger and it’s fun to add and combine all kinds of stage magic to interact with the choreography. More than anything, I love telling a good story. If you can amaze people, touch their hearts and make them laugh all at the same time… You’ve got a hit show on your hands. That’s always my goal.”

We used a giant LED wall upstage and the same size front projected scrim downstage with 100 feet of flying rig tracks in the middle. Check out the reveal I co-choreographed with Tania Holt for the new Honda Clarity

What happens when 50 Elvis-es show up to open a Google meeting for 5000 guests? Check out the ending… Where I sneak in the CEO so everyone thinks he was the lead singer

Green Army Men are Steppin’ with their video clones

I directed and created a “Beatle’s Love” inspired opening for “Cisco Live!” in Las Vegas

Captain Hook is such a doofus! While trying to read the treasure map on the Jolly Roger, he accidentally steps in a bucket as the crew swabs the deck. And that’s how I created the infamous “Bucket Dance”

I had an opportunity to collaborate with my good friends The Jabbawockeez on their Halloween Residency at Universal Studios. I created the laser routine and they, or course, created their brilliant choreography. Here’s a video of me creating the laser choreography with my partners at YLS Entertainment:

Here’s the sequence in the actual show

Princess Sofia is going to “Rise and Shine” with her magic dress

I used fabric, fans, kites and gymnasts for this Mitsubishi reveal at the LA Auto Show

Phineas and Ferb use their mash up machine for Baljeet who then preforms a Bollywood Routine mashed up with marshmallows

The 2 new Honda Civics are here… Check out the reveal I created to bring them out onto stage

Get ready for some Old Movie Musical Dancing Ushers for an award show at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles

Fred roped (literally) Paige Johnson into helping him create a Double Dutch Jump Rope Mega Routine for one of his “Disney Live!” World Tours

Here’s a video of me creating the laser choreography with my partners at YLS Entertainment for JLo’s “All I Have” residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

Here’s the opening number of a Fashion Show I directed and choreographed for a media event for the opening of a new high end shopping mall in Summerlin

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is an evil genius pretending to want to be a musical theater star so he can capture Perry the Platypus – what’s hard to understand about that?

I helped create this enormous immersive opening for Honda’s national sales meeting. There were layers upon layers of LED screens with separate feeds, lighting and pixel poi lighting effects

Black Traxx video allows 3-D video projection on 3-D moving objects shown here for a Honda Auto Show

Micky Mouse gets funky with some black light flying brooms

Candice know that this time Phineas and Ferb are gonna get Busted!

Ferb is Killing it in “Backyard Beach”