“It’s a blast Choreographing Commercials. I love the flashy visuals and the exciting energy. The pace is fast which is how I like to choreograph…. We set up the shots, I teach the choreography and before you know it, we’re on an incredible set where I yell: 5, 6, 7, 8 and it all comes together. I just LIVE for that moment.”


Here’s a commercial I recently choreographed for Tip Top Bakery in Australia

Here’s a Spot I choreographed for Wells Fargo. This plays on a nightly loop on 7 Jumbo LED Walls at LA LIVE in Los Angeles

Although the quality is not good, here’s one of my favorite commercials that I co-choreographed with the brilliant Director/Choreographer Vincent Paterson

And another blast from the past! A spot I choreographed for HONDA with my mentor and good friend Marty Brinkerhoff

Here’s a cool Water Craft commercial I choreographed in a pool with a rain curtain using a “Phantom” Super Slow Motion Camera.